Cancon Guide and Policy papers - Improving cancer control

Cancon Guide is the main delivery of the joint action. The quality improvement of cancer care is at the heart of Guide. Cancon is officially titled European Guide on Quality Improvement in Comprehensive Cancer Control.

The Guide aims to help to reduce not only the cancer burden throughout the EU but also the inequalities in cancer control and care that exist between Member states. The Guide is meant for governments, parliamentarians, health care providers and funders, and cancer care professionals at every level. 

Summary of Guide

Five Cancon Policy papers position cancer control into planning processes of the Member states. The Policy papers are aimed at the decision makers in the governments and in the EU.  

Cancon Guide

The Guide is a coherent, patientcentered document and a key strategic tool for governments and policy makers. The good practice recommendations in the Guide strive to improve the national situations. 

The four core chapters of the Guide focus on carefully selected topics, see below. 

The Guide is the result of a three-year effort by top cancer experts in 25 countries and 126 partner organisations. 

You can order the printed Guide from 

Cancon Guide (pdf, 1 MT)  

Chapters (all as pdf's):

  1. Introduction (incl. abbreviations and list of contributors),
  2. Context, summary and appraisal,
  3. Methods and quality assurance,
  4. Cancer screening (Cancon WP 9),
  5. Integrated cancer control (Cancon WP 6), 
  6. Community-level cancer care (Cancon WP 7), and
  7. Survivorship and rehabilitation (Cancon WP 8) 

Cancon Policy papers 

The topics of the five Policy papers were suggested by the Member states.

Cancon Policy papers (pdf, 700 KB) 
NB! Policy paper #2 is published separately, see below! 

The five Cancon Policy papers:
  1. A Public health genomics approach to “omics” in oncology,
  2. Common European objectives for National Cancer Control Plans
  3. Enhancing value of cancer care through a more appropriate use of health care interventions
  4. An impact evaluation system to assess prevention outcomes, and
  5. A Equity mainstreaming in the cancer control in Europe.






Cancon Guide






NB! Policy paper #2 will be published soon. 

Cancon Policy papers