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06 | Integrated cancer control

Work package 6 enables people to access the best and most comprehensive pathways for cancer care near to where they live.

This work package gives recommendations for the organisation of comprehensive cancer services and best care for the population in any given area, thus achieving greater equity.

In many areas, the integration of medical services is essential for the most effective use of available resources. The work package focuses especially on how to supplement the concept of comprehensive cancer center (CCC) with the concept of a comprehensive cancer care network (CCCN).

Comprehensive cancer care services will have synergy with all relevant institutions that have complementary expertise. This synergy will cause the following benefits:

In addition, the work package will examine how CCCN:

  1. flexibly adjusts the interaction between primary, secondary and tertiary units to best fit the cancer control needs of individual member states, and
  2. lend itself to the creation/integration of trans-national networks.

The work package will set the principles for how the CCCN should be organised. The aim is to

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The Tumour Institute of Tuscany (ITT), RT-ITT, Italy, is the leader of the work package 6. For further information, contact Fotios Loupakis at 

Associated partners involved in the work package: