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Some numbers on Cancon communication.

03 | Evaluation

Work package 3 evaluates Cancon

This work package assesses whether Cancon

Cancon is evaluated at regular intervals as are individual work packages and selected general meetings. The work package will deliver both interim evaluation reports and the final evaluation report.

The three elements (along with indicators) used for the evaluation process of each work package are: process, input, and outcome evaluation.

What is the impact of Cancon?

We give special attention to deviations from plans. In order to prevent or reduce them, the work package develops risk assessment and management plans. We evaluate all activities with respect to specific risks, planned impact and dissemination.

Cancon’s impact evaluation will include:

More information:

The Oncology Cluj-Napoca, IOCN, Romania, is the leader of the work package 3. For further information, contact Florian Nicula at