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05 | Member state platform

Work package 5 is the debating and discussion forum 

The Member state platform offers a platform for member states to discuss and share challenges and experiences in fighting cancer. Sharing knowledge and information can help resolve the difficulties member states face in the cancer control and prevention.

Cancer is not just a national health challenge, but also a European one. By sharing knowledge, capacity and expertise, the problem can be addressed across the continent more effectively.

Through the platform the member states have the opportunity to

The output will be a set of position papers completing the guide regarding up to six hot topics of cancer policy selected and discussed by member states with the support of experts on the individual topics.

The platform will interact with the guide, to share some of the editorial characteristics and avoid duplications and inconsistencies. The final version of the position papers will be published, probably as an annex to the guide. 

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The Minisrty of Health (Ministero della Salute) MINSAL, Italy, is the leader of the work package 5. For further information, contact Giovanni Nicoletti at or Antonio Federici at

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