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Stakeholder forum

Cancon's external cooperation network operates via a stakeholder forum. The forum brings together Cancon's collaborating partners which represent related projects and initiatives. 

They meet once a year. The last meeting of the stakeholder forum was on 15 September 2016. 

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The third stakeholder forum 15 September 2016 

All presentations as pdf files: 

Partners' presentations: 

The second stakeholder forum 12 May 2015

You can download the work package presentations as pdf's here: 

First year of Cancon
European Cancer Patients's Bill of Rights
WP6 Patient Empowerment and Equity
WP7 Patient Empowerement
Expert Group on Cancer Control
WP8 Patient empowerment 
WP8 inequalities
WP9 Patient empowerment 
WP9 inequalities

The first stakeholder forum 6 June 2014

The first stakeholder forum was held on 6 June 2014. At the forum, those in charge of their respective work packages presented their aims, deliverables and partners. 

All files are pdf's. 

The list of participants 
The minutes of the meeting   

You can download the work package presentations here: 

The general objectives of Cancon